What is Home

What is Home : Cultural home concept

The residential area is associated with the different ​​natural and cultural components of the individual and society, it differentiate individuals from each other, and reflect the community’s identity. These relationships give meaning for everything such as places and houses, which are affected by the geography of the place and the nature of individuals.

In the housing field everything has its implications and its symbols, where the individual build his house according to his projections and the reality of his inner psychology, since the inner psychological reality isn’t totally realistic, but is a mix of reality and fantasies, the individual’s home turns into symbols and talismans, whom he is the only one who can resolve it.

The traditional villages despite its condition of irregularity and congestion, which make any stranger don’t see anything rather than chaos, but it often expresses sensitive delicate expressions of the social order. Kinship ties and enmity barriers are often expressed geographically and structurally, whatever the poor physical degree of Housing, but the villager will derive from his style some comfort, and even some meaning.

If the “city” or “village” is the first expression and presence of the community, and if it is an initial input to the understanding of the collective consciousness, therefore What is HOME ?,  “home” is the most internal space of the city. It is an architecture psychological reflect of the personality of its owner, where we can say that the organization and expression in the construction is only a reflection of the change of the individual’s personality, perceptions and identity.

This led designers to study the interior design variables that affect our behavior and personalities, so that they can balance between creativity, modern science, heritage, conscience and culture that make up the collective conscience.