Paying close attention to the interior design of kids rooms definitely ‘pays off’.  There is scientific proof that modifying quite room design enhances calming of children and adolescents by 45%.  On healthy kid consultation Creama Interiors only relies on strictly natural materials to make sure your child is breathing in nothing but good quality air. Creating the right living environment not only protects your kid from lurking dangers like hazardous paints, toys and plastics, it actually increases your child’s feeling of safety and protection.

Seeing the world through your child’s eyes can make a whole lot of difference. For instance, You may not think of your ceiling as being very high yet it turn into something a bit scary for your kid. Simple design tip would be placing a wall paper strip or a molding in the lower third of the wall. Then paint the above area in a different color than the rest of the wall, it can create a sense of protection. Sounds weird, but it makes perfect sense to your kids’ mind.

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You can protect your beloved small ones from indoor environmental hazards by choosing natural materials in the room’s furniture, carpets and paints to keep indoor air quality as good as possible.Besides your child’s physical health also things like creativity and learning ability are strongly connected to the indoor living environment.

You can benefit from all the advantages of a quality, healthy kid interior design by choosing healthy kid consultation. For us at Creama the physical and psychological health of your child is as important as it is to you, why should you risk harming them by exposing them to hazardous materials that can cause severe health problems?

Creama Interiors can help you through detailed analysis of your kid’s room to maintain their psychological and physical health by designing appropriate indoor environments that enhance creativity, learning ability and protect your child’s physical health from daily toxic chemical emissions.

You will get a color scheme, floor plan, layout and shopping list of natural materials.

Contact us now, our consultants at Healthy Kid would be more than happy to start creating the perfect living environment for your kids.

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