Healthy home interior design for better health:healthy home interior design

During healthy home interior design Creama Consultants will discuss with you some important points, these includes your interior space , its design,  materials, finishes and products that can contribute to your family’s health through :

1- Reducing visual pollutionBeautiful  environments have positive effects on the health ; whereas visual pollution has negative effects as increasing acidity of the stomach and heart rate.

2- Providing adequate day-lighting : Inadequate day lighting increases weakness, fatigue and even aging!

3- Reducing noise pollution: noise pollution affects psychological health, increases aggressive behaviors, sleeping disorders, stress, fatigue, hypertension and high blood pressure.

4- Attaining  Indoor Air Quality:  Less exposure to hazardous emissions due to using of natural materials decreases the possibility of cancer . Making sure you have a well-balanced indoor climate can significantly reduce the risk of catching infectious diseases like cold and the flu and help with other health issues like asthma, allergies as well as sleeping difficulties .

5- Electromagnetic waves protectionlinked with cancer, chronic fatigue, Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis, electromagnetic fields can’t be ignored.

6- Limiting static electricity: By reducing the amount of electrostatic charges you are exposed to, your metabolism will be a lot more balanced and your general health will be protected.

Creama Interiors is not just about interior design. It is about creating the perfect environment for you and your family to live a healthy life. Every day.

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