Color consultation for interior design

Choosing the right colors in a color consultation for interior design can brighten up your home, your day and thereby your whole life! Colors play a crucial role in how we perceive our environment and they can in fact physically and psychologically affect humans, making them an important factor in our emotional life and health. Through color consultation we can help you chose the right colors to make you feel and live BETTER.

Colors affect human psychology and physiology, which make the selection of it in indoor spaces a hard job. Combining colors in an interior environment changes the way dwellers feel. The perception of colors used in interior design is completely different from colors used in other fine arts. The color of the inner surfaces is dynamic in itself, colors affect the visual weight of things, also affect our perception of sizes of furniture and distances between surfaces (visual illusion).

color consultation interior design

With Creama’s color consultation you are in good hands.  we will discuss your preferences according to your personality then we will design the appropriate color environment through choosing a scheme from the three basic color schemes, that can of course be individually modified :

The monochromatic scheme.

The related or analogous scheme.

The contrasting or complementary scheme


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