How to use wallpaper : Design considerations

How to use wallpaper and different wall finishes in your interior space:

Best 5 Tips on how to use wallpaper for decorating your room:

Wallpaper often makes you perceive  your room as if it is full of furniture, more than paints do. Wallpaper adds character and style to your space. It affects your perception of the room size just like paints always do.

1- Using wallpaper of large themes in a small room will make it appear smaller than it truly is.

2- Using small themes in a large room will make the wall shows more details, leading to a sense of tension and anxiety.

3- If you wish to accentuate the ceiling as high as possible, you can use vertically striped wallpaper.

4- If you like to show it as low as possible, you will use horizontally striped wall paper.

5- The traditional way to use wallpaper is to paste it on the four walls. For a modern and interesting approach you can paste  it on one wall . For dramatic effect, it is preferred to consider the wall covered with wall paper the most important one in your room (the focal point).

5 guidelines to follow when using wallpaper:

– It is preferable to use plain curtains and carpets if your wallpaper is patterned.

– It is preferable to use wallpaper that is consistent in color with  other’s room carpet, paints and decoration .

– Using  wallpaper with  natural scene, on one wall of a small room visually increases its size.

– It is preferred to use patterned wallpaper behind the bed and plain on the rest of walls in bedrooms.

– The purchase of wall paper manufactured of pure paper without added chemicals and pasting it with natural adhesive such as starch for example, will not harm indoor air quality.

Other wall finishes:

-If you have desire to move away from the traditional methods of covering walls, you can try some of the different, new and modern methods of traditional materials such as wood and mirrors.

-There is no rule stating that fabric should be used in furniture and curtains only; it is also possible to be used in covering walls to give a dramatic look to the space.

-It is possible to obtain an interesting effect by using a covering like linoleum, leather, cork, and wood.

-There are types of plastic that are used to stimulate wood, stone and marble.

There is no end to materials that can be used in covering walls. Freeing your imagination results in multiple ideas and gives your room a distinctive impression.