How to use ceiling finishes : Design considerations

How to use ceiling finishes

In previous articles we have discussed walls and its varied finishes. Now we will talk about how to use ceiling finishes in your interior space.

Paying attention to your ceiling is very important. Normally you forget it, as you see it rarely .You may think it is useless, but if you know that ceilings help in controlling light and sound distribution, and that its’ color, texture and design have  impact on the overall impression of your interior space, you may change your point of view.

Tips for finishing ceilings:

There are many tips for ” how to use ceiling finishes”, we will review the most important in the following points:

1- Ceilings is preferred to be as smooth as possible to help in light reflection.

2- Avoid using white, although it reflects most of the lighting. Using lighter degree from your wall color, carpet or curtain gives warmth and vitality to the reflected rays of light .

3- Using ceiling materials that are compatible with the rest of your interior materials .

4- Use light colors for low ceilings to appear higher .

5- Choose dark colors for your too high ceilings to appear lower.

Finishes used in decoration of your ceilings:

-Paint is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of finishing your ceilings. Beige and cream are the most frequently used colors in the present time, due to lack of architectural details and prevalence of low ceilings.

– Using optical illusion technique in painting with oil on ceilings (as drawing the sky, clouds or the drop-down curtains) is the best known. That treatment is one of the distinctive ways in decorating ceilings. Drawing the sky on your ceiling gives you a feeling that it is open to sky and too high, while drawing  curtains can be used only on high ceilings as it will make the ceiling appear lower.

– Plaster cast is considered one of the beautiful treatments for your ceilings. It is possible to use wooden or plastic molds for plaster casting.

– You can use wood in the form of squares or panels. It must be consistent with timber used in your furniture, floors and walls.

– Using curtains to make a beautiful tented ceiling gives your room a romantic look. There are several ways to use them, either from your room center to the corners, or to your four walls leaving a drop-down in the edges. It is preferred to use transparent curtains .

– Using Corbels at the convergence of beams by walls, will personalize your interior space .

– There are also different metal coverings to form ceilings that is consistent with your interior design.

– Using suspended ceilings with lighting spots give an aesthetic look with good distribution of lighting.

Having learned about how to use ceiling finishes, and how to decorate it professionally, you are now an expert. Go ahead, apply what you have learned and give me your feedback 🙂