How to choose windows and doors

How to choose windows and doors for your home design :

Design considerations on how to choose windows and doors to satisfy aesthetical human needs .

Openings (Doors and windows)

Part of your space personality depends on the shape and design of your openings. Also, it has an important purpose as it ensures passageway, adequate lighting, ventilation and privacy.


Choosing a style for your doors that fit with your interior design, makes all the interior design elements harmonious and coherent.

Some types of doors:

Flush doors: have simple shape and are usually used in the modern style. Move inside the space using door hinges.

Sliding doors: consists of two shutters each one of them is moving on a different course.

Swinging doors: doors attached to the sides of their designated hinges that open to the outside and the inside slot.

– Folding doors or accordion: moving on the path of their own, and are used to separate  different functions in   one place, such as separation of  dining space and living space.

French door:  a door with a small window that opens inwards.

The majority of  doors are made of wood- whether natural or artificial- or of aluminum or steel and glass.  It has multiple dimensions and often between 190-230 cm and heights between 75-90 cm .

Important tips:

-Short doors in rooms with high ceilings will not fit.

– Preferably choose a style for your doors  that is harmonious with your over all interior design  style .

–  Fix them in good chosen places to help furnish your interior without taking up too much space of your room when you open them.

-In order to achieve compatibility  through your interior, choose one  type of wood in all of your doors and windows .

-I  prefer using natural wood doors it is stronger than MDF ones and didn’t pollute your indoor environment .

Windows: How to choose windows ?

The presence of windows will make you feel that your room is interesting and stimulating. Humans always have a desire to look to the outdoor environment. The spread of natural light into your indoor environment increases relaxation. It also makes your space healthy . Windows have to be of ​​sufficient numbers to support adequate ventilation and natural lighting through your home.

Some types of windows:

Casement window: attached to the sides with hinges on the window frame. They are often made up of a pair of shutters.

Double- hung window: it has upper and lower shutter linked by external frame, and opens up or down or both.

French window: type of Casement windows but it extends to the ground, and typically contain a glass divider plate wooden frame called a series.

Sliding window: consists of two shutters each one of them is moving on a different course.

How to choose windows can be answered through the following tips :
1- If your interior space is small, choose your openings of similar color to the light one on the walls. You will feel that your interior space transforms into an spacious one.

2- If your home interior is spacious, you can use brown or whatever color that is consistent with your interior color scheme.

3-The integration between walls, windows and lighting in an appropriate manner gives a dramatic sense for your interior design. Your home interior will be converted into a unique one.

We can not talk about choosing windows without talking about curtains .

How to Choose Colors for your curtains ?

1-When your carpet and walls are of the same color, you can choose your curtains’ color consistent with them but   with patterns or stripes. If your room is small, it is better to be of the same color.

2-If your space is small. Your carpet’s color is contrary to your wall’s color. You can choose curtains’ color same as the walls’, this will give you a chance to buy furniture of interesting colors .

3-When your interior space is small, it is preferred to choose quiet color of your wallpaper for the curtains so as  to feel it more spacious.

As we completed “How to choose windows and doors (your interior’s most beautiful architectural elements) for your home design?”. Hope you know some of the rules that will help you in designing your interior space in a nice, harmonious and consistent manner. Nice to read your feedback 🙂