How to choose wall color : Design considerations

How to choose wall color

In this article I will discuss how to choose wall color, after I had talked before about choosing wall finishes and  paint treatments to create an ideal environment in which you would like to live in.

Key success factors on how to choose wall color :

How to choose wall color and treatments is as important as how to choose furniture styles. Wrong choices would ruin the desired effect. Your decision must be based on choosing treatments which are most suitable for your furniture style and room function. This means that color of furniture, room size, openings’ area and amount of lighting affects your choice. Choose the finest materials, buying the finest will prolong its life as it will be healthier . The psychological effect of colors, which will be mentioned in later articles.

1-Wall colors are often associated with curtains and carpet colors. You should put the amount of daylight into account. Rooms with adequate lighting can match any wall color, unlike ones with poor lighting; it is better to use light colors that reflect light. The North room is a deceptive room as the Northern lighting increase the strength of blue and red color, curtains can fix this problem.

2-If your room lacks furniture, using the appropriate wall color could solve this problem. Warm colors such as red, light brown or pink can make your room appear as if it is full of furniture. On the contrary, if you want to feel that your room is more spacious, you can use light green, gray, light blue, beige or yellow to get the desired effect.

3-It is not ideal to use more than three colors in one room. You can use light wall color, contrary one for furniture and an accent for your accessories.

4-It is possible to get good impression of your room by painting one wall by a basic color (often lighter or darker than the carpet’s color). As for the rest of the walls, a light degree of this color or one of the neutral colors that harmonize with it can fit. This method loses your room  its cubic shape and  hides shortage of furniture and accessories; it also adds excitement to rooms with poor architectural elements. You can use the different colored wall as the center of attention when distributing your furniture.

5-It is very useful to test paint color on a small area of ​​the wall with a window, as it is the darkest wall. Leave it to dry before deciding to use it entirely.

Modern theory of interior design is based on simple lines, wall texture, interesting lighting and a touch of necessary accessories only. And generally in interior design we use the same theory used in make-up: To show interesting and important features and hide flaws or make them faint.

Means used to hide flaws:

– For optical illusions, you can paint one wall with different color than the rest of your walls ( wall with three ivory walls, or the two cross walls with lighter degree of the two long walls), this shows your room wider.

– Rooms that open onto each other should create a suitable color relationship taking into account compatibility even with the closed ones.  By this tip you can recognize your interior space as united and harmonious.

– One of the most basic theories in how to choose wall color , is selecting a harmonious color with your carpet’s color, and link both of them by using them in your curtains, or by merging them into the fabric of a piece of furniture. It is possible to use lighter color of the wall for the carpet, and merge both colors in your curtains and furniture.

– Using the finest types of paint -even if it is more expensive- helps to conceal imperfections and prolongs the life of paint layer. Using the finest types always maintains your indoor air quality from chemical fumes (VOC’s) and lead particles. It also protects your children who play beside layers of damaged paint.

– Do not use white paint as not to cause a dazzling light unless the space is too dark.

You are now an expert. You can begin painting your walls. Remember all rules. Begin applying with fun.  Don’t hesitate to leave your comments and questions:)