Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

There are many concepts for home or shelter, perhaps the easiest is, “houses are buildings held for the residents of the community to live in.”. From this definition, clearly the house is no longer this concrete building, which consists of walls and ceiling, but skipped this to include services provided for the community, which help people achieve prosperity and stability. Home is the place that we return to for satisfying physical, psychological and mental needs, and provides us with a sense of security and serenity in a world full of tension.

In this article, we use the word home because it carries the action of residence and the means of continuity in the relationship with our intimate place. In this sense, the word “home” includes the psychological relationship that we are going to talk about.
Humans that live in residential tough situations suffer from various relational problems, and vice versa. No doubt the comfortable housing reflects on the occupants’ emotions and on their mental condition. Home is an emotional structure reflects on the personality of its owner, on his perceptions and his role in his surroundings.

True architecture is the one that develops the instinct while ugly architecture is the one that increases the primitive’s random. When architecture separates from reality, it forces humans to dissociation. The schizophrenic ethics are a defense against clotting reality; this is the meaning of imbalance, which means the separation of man from nature, separation of the world from the hereafter and separation between humans and their private corner. Home is all about creating an everyday space, a briefing with a wide range of relationships and scenes for the family to discover. The house -which we grew up in- is our first love; it reminds us of years of initial patents and memories of childhood intimacy. It carries inside fragrant of the past.

Home with its interior design is the language of everyday life without which we lose life’s intimacy model. Realists may argue that aesthetic considerations are hardly important when you consider things from the health perspective, cost or area of ”square feet per person. However, philosophically, one would argue that human beings need beauty as in need of freedom. Beauty represents perfection that we strive behind throughout our lives, and freedom is the space that allows us to strive behind.

By analyzing these concepts, we find that home is a shelter we return to in order to find calmness, stability, psychological comfort and serenity that give us the opportunity for personal creativity and inspiration; also it is a shelter from the struggles of life as it is a stronghold for breeding young future leaders, and a field for the cultivation of asset values “and ethical principles.

This invites us to reconsider human functional and aesthetical needs before designing the indoor environment of any family. Let us change the world by transforming our houses into home sweet home.