Feng Shui Tips for Your Home

Feng Shui Tips for your Home 

Removing anxiety from your home using Feng Shui :

Many people feel anxious and fearful blaming stress from their daily life issues, however, our homes hold energy that can affect our health, mind and soul. I tell clients all the time that they need to clean their homes. Cleaning your home is a practice of removing dust and clutter. This enhances Chi (good energy). Clutter leads to lack of motivation, static and stagnant energy that harms you. Once your home has been cleansed, use feng shui cures to keep your homes energy balanced.

In most cases cleaning a house with salt and a prayer will remove negative energy. It removes negativity and purifies the home. Lemongrass incense is a great way to circulate energy in your home.

Living creatures represent nature, growth and life force. Natural plants are excellent for purifying air and uplifting your spirit, it can soften corners. Bamboo flutes are used to help invites peace to a home and soften beams that are harsh on chi. Animals are gorgeous feng shui energy boosters. They are playful and happy lifting up your home’s chi.

Light is one of the feng shui cures, it symbolizes the sun, it boosts the chi energy. Pleasing sounds from wind chimes can enhance chi in your environment. Soft music or prayers is also an excellent way to relax you and boost chi within your home.

Objects like stones, even large furniture can help hold the chi down. Use objects to root the chi positively. Colors are always associated with psychological effects due to it’s association to elements. For instance, green is associated with nature, growth and stability. On the flip side, red is considered and energizing color. Yellow can represent the sun, vitality and longevity.

Mirrors reflect light, expand spaces and deflect bad energy. Crystals enhance our energy systems. Clear Quartz is considered the most healing of all stones, it can cure many ailments. Stones such as tourmaline remove negativity and aquamarine brings peace, calmness and serenity.