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Your Healthy Stylish Home

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The best ideas & solutions for you!

Discover the power of interior aesthetics on your soul, mind health & behavior. Achieve the quality of life you deserve and transform your house into a "Home Sweet Home."

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Welcome to roayati

Welcome on board of our website, we will fly off to the skies of interior design smoothly and creatively like never before , we will give you the finest home decorating ideas on a budget while retaining our principle to preserve the health of your family. If you rove in our library you will land on interesting valuable information that leads you to safety shores. We wish you a happy journey.

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Healthy Ideas

Healthy Home Interior Design ideas based on recent studies and researches to preserve your family's health.

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Creative Design

Innovative Simple interior design ideas, creativity, uniqueness are our goals. "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like, design is how it works" ~ Steve Jobs.

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Amazing Results

Amazing results of Home Interior Design ideas on a budget that increases the ability of your home to satisfy you and maintain mental, physical health for you and your family.

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When we Have chosen our name Roayati we already included our standards "creme de la creme" meaining the best of the best


Our Vision is to be the Leader in transforming houses into healthy & stylish homes through our Home Interior Design ideas.


Our mission - To combine style and health for an appealing interior design that is both soothing and energizing to body. mind and soul using Innovative and simple Interior designs ideas and Feng shui

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Roayati interiors benifits

healthy better life with creama interiors

Better Life

We offer you a better life through creative designs that’s relaxing, keeping you healthy and happy.

Home design ideas

Better Health

We design using natural materials in order to enjoy better health.

better environment with creama interiors

Better Environment

Help in maintaining better environment for next generations through improving healthy indoor and outdoor environments.

Why Roayati Interiors ?

Irrespective of where you live, most of us have a access to desk-tops, Smart Phones, Tablets, we will assess your requirements and send you quota

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Why Healthy Interiors ?

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs. A lot of people just focus on changing home decor

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Roayati interiors services

healthy indoor environment service creama interiors

Healthy home interior design for better health: During healthy home interior design Creama Consultants will discuss with you some important points, these includes your interior space , its design,  materials, finishes and products that can contribute to your family’s health through : 1- Reducing visual pollution: Beautiful  environments have positive effects on the health ; whereas visual pollution has negative effects as increasing acidity of the stomach and heart rate. 2- Providing adequate day-lighting : Inadequate day lighting increases weakness, fatigue and even aging! 3- Reducing noise pollution: noise pollution affects psychological health, increases aggressive behaviors, sleeping disorders, stress, fatigue, hypertension and high blood pressure. 4- Attaining  Indoor Air Quality:  Less exposure to hazardous emissions due to using of natural materials decreases the possibility of cancer . Making sure […]

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Healthy home interior design

healthy interior design

What is healthy home interior design ? Healthy interior design isn’t just about decorating your home; it’s also about how to design it aesthetically and functionally to boost your energy, lift your spirit, enlighten your brain, all that reflect on your behavior by end of day. So how it works ? If you decide to renew your home, design a new interior space,  decorate a room or change its style without hiring furniture, we can help you with new Interior Design  Ideas and creative interior design. Just choose Healthy interior design Consultation service. Healthy interior design consultation covers : The occupants’ needs and personalities. the color scheme. Lighting plan. Furniture layout and floor plan. Accessories arrangement. 3D Interior design. With all of these […]

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Healthy Interior Design

healthy kid consultation creama interiors

Paying close attention to the interior design of kids rooms definitely ‘pays off’.  There is scientific proof that modifying quite room design enhances calming of children and adolescents by 45%.  On healthy kid consultation Creama Interiors only relies on strictly natural materials to make sure your child is breathing in nothing but good quality air. Creating the right living environment not only protects your kid from lurking dangers like hazardous paints, toys and plastics, it actually increases your child’s feeling of safety and protection. Seeing the world through your child’s eyes can make a whole lot of difference. For instance, You may not think of your ceiling as being very high yet it turn into something a bit scary for your kid. Simple design tip would […]

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Healthy Kid

color consultation icon creama interiors

Color consultation for interior design Choosing the right colors in a color consultation for interior design can brighten up your home, your day and thereby your whole life! Colors play a crucial role in how we perceive our environment and they can in fact physically and psychologically affect humans, making them an important factor in our emotional life and health. Through color consultation we can help you chose the right colors to make you feel and live BETTER. Colors affect human psychology and physiology, which make the selection of it in indoor spaces a hard job. Combining colors in an interior environment changes the way dwellers feel. The perception of colors used in interior design is completely different from colors used in […]

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Color Consultation

feng shui consultation

Feng Shui Interior Design Consulting services  What is Feng Shui Interior Design ? Feng Shui Interior Design significantly reduce unhealthy stress and any possible imbalances in your everyday life. Feng shui interior design takes care of placement of furniture and objects and how it affect the energy flow in your living environment. Your energy flow affects how you think and act, which in turn affects how you perform and succeed in your personal, professional life. Feng Shui interior design Enables you to influence interacting energies to achieve life improvements. This influence is achieved through positioning or designing your surroundings in harmony with principles of natural energy flow. Feng shui decoration : Is about how you place your furniture, yourself within your surroundings which provides […]

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Feng Shui Interior Design


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Roayati Interiors provides unique healthy and stylish interior design consultation and valuable info that impacts your health and attitude.




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